Brief is an independent print journal.  It is primarily a space for writing that does something interesting, experimental, adventurous, challenging, or exploratory. Brief publishes poetry, prose, essays and criticism, hybrid forms, and occasionally visual art. Issues typically contain a mixture of new, established and emerging writers.

Brief has been in publication for over twenty years. Initially titled A Brief Description of the Whole World, the journal was founded by Alan Loney in 1995 to represent what he termed the “other tradition” in New Zealand writing. Subsequent editors (and guest editors) have included John Geraets, Jack Ross, Brett Cross, Scott Hamilton, Bill Direen, Michael Arnold, Jen Crawford, Ted Jenner,  Richard von Sturmer, Hamish Dewe, Bronwyn Lloyd, and Alex Wild. The journal’s full history is chronicled by the website A brief index, which includes a detailed breakdown of each issue.

While it has evolved considerably over the years, brief continues to provide space and support for the other tradition[s] in New Zealand writing. Brief is currently edited by Olivia Macassey, and published at intermittent intervals by The Writer’s Group in A5 perfect-bound format. ISSN 1175-9313.